What Do You Think About Waterproof Down Now?

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It’s just been three years since waterproof down became available in sleeping bags and jackets, but in that short time it’s become a defacto standard across the outdoor industry. The big gear and clothing companies and most mid-sized manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon with the exception of a few premium goose down holdouts like Western Mountaineering, Feathered Friends, and PhD Designs.

So what’s the consensus:

  • Is waterproof down noticeably effective outside of laboratory conditions?
  • Is it a must-have when buying sleeping bags, quilts, or jackets?
  • Does the down in children’s clothing and outdoor gear have to be waterproofed?
  • Is there any difference between the various brands of waterproof down like DownTek, DriDown, HyperDRY Down or is it pretty much all the same?
  • What are the pros and cons of waterproof down?
  • If waterproof down just marketing “fluff?”


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