The Summer without an Air Conditioner

Lasko 16 inch electonically reversible window fan
Lasko 16 inch electronically reversible window fan

We’re trying to live without an air conditioner this summer. It was actually my idea as a way to reduce our electricity consumption and save some money. My wife doesn’t like the sound of an air conditioner and was eager to agree.

A few weeks ago, we bought a new fan for our bedroom which is doing a remarkably good job so far. Our last decent fan was made by a company named Patton, which used to make great fans in the US. They seem to have disappeared. Too bad, because they were really solid, high-powered fans that moved an incredible amount of air through our house. Unfortunately our last Patton fan committed suicide when it blew itself out of a window last year and bent a blade. The thing sounded like an aircraft propeller when it was running.

Our newest and biggest fan is a Lasko 16 Inch Reversible Window Fan. It’s nice because you can switch reverse the direction of airflow without taking it out of the window. It rests on screws mounted onto the window sash, making it easy to move out of the way if you want to close the window or get at the screen window. The Lasko really cools our bedroom off fast and keeps it pleasant in the evening. It’s nowhere as solid as that old Patton, but it’s worth every penny of the $80 we paid for it.

Not having to take the fan out of the window to reverse it is a big deal in my house. We have a 120-year-old home with very old windows that pop out of their frames and crash to the ground from the second story if you open them too much. While we’ve replaced a lot of them with newer windows, many are still “original,” and act out periodically to the amusement of our carpenter.

The open question is whether we’ll get through the hottest, most humid nights in late July and August with no air conditioner. So far, so good, but the hottest days of New England are still on the horizon.

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