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Space marine template? : r/hoi4 by bigbobbus General of the Army Space marine template? I was looking around for cool divisions to build and recently discovered space marines. However the templates I have been finding are all outdated and pre NSB. Could anyone provide me with a current space marine template? This thread is archived Instead of tanks, you'll use motorized artillery, and 1 Tank Destroyer. The Tank Destroyer is added to grant this division lots of piercing and armor, which makes this division quite similar to Space Marines in design philosophy, the only difference between space marines and this design is speed and cost. A 30 CW design was used to make this.

Explanation: This larger armored template can push hard especially through forest and jungle provinces. Future Tweaks: Fill in the remaining support slots of your choice depending on your situation in the surrounding. You should modify this template to 40-width, 41-width, or 45-width if necessary. You can substitute 4 medium tanks with medium anti-air tanks if the enemy CAS becomes overwhelming. What is the current space marine template? : r/hoi4 r/hoi4 • 6 min. ago by GrandChancellor2601 What is the current space marine template? I've never used space marines before but have heard of them, especially that they were nerfed. What is the current space marine template though? Thought it might be fun to try Vote 0 0 comments Best Add a Comment

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"Space Marine" division template? :: Hearts of Iron IV General Discussions So I was looking up templates that would be fun to play around with in my future campaigns of this game, and I came across one called the "Space Marine" template, which the creator claimed is banned from tournaments and events of this game.

2 3 comments Best Tiny-Responsibility3 • 2 yr. ago Back to the old spacemarine it is. Heavy TD or Heavy Tank. With max armor and with the speed of infantry. Basically you have your infantry Divisions buy swap one of the infantry for the tank. For example a 7-2 would be a 6 inf 2 art and 1 heavy.

1. Basic Templates 20 width infantry template. Later on you should upgrade this one to 40 width (14infantry + 4 art) 10 width anti-tank template. You should have this template behind the frontline. This is a monster when comes to destroying tanks. 40 width better anti-tank template Military Police Template.

In this video I go over the division designs that I use in all of my games and let's plays. Hope this helps you in all of your HoI4 games. Of course, feel fr.

The division template system is one of the key mechanics of Hearts of Iron IV. A division is 1 basic unit depicted on the map during gameplay.. BROKEN/OP: 40 width 13/4/1 divisions "Space Marines"-> 13 infantry, 4 artillery and 1 Heavy Tank Destroyer battalion. These are usually banned in multiplayer games as they are completely game.

Simon_9732495 Apr 29, 2021 Jump to latest Follow Reply I played around a bit with some templates and made some screenshots. I want to show them here, because maybe it's interesting for someone else and maybe I can learn a lot from the answers from land warfare gurus. I think everybody agrees that.

What Are The Most Powerful Hearts of Iron 4 Division Templates? 15. Soft Bombers For want of soft attack. If you have an abundance of artillery production capability, leaning heavily into this template can allow you to steamroll most A.I. infantry divisions.

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The initial space marine templates consist of three things: - Using Marines instead of Infantry - Using a tons of artillery making 40w divisions - Adding one (heavy) tank destroyer Especially against the AI in the early versions of the game, the division was highly effective, since artillery was way stronger than today and the AI did not.

But a major benefit to this template is that it's not nearly as costly the old space marines, since you usually had to rush to get a good number of factories in order to fill out your army with heavy tanks.

Got a template for em? 28lobster Fleet Admiral • 4 yr. ago 13-4-1 inf-art-heavy tank is the best. Heavy tanks speed don't get slowed much by infantry and the infantry give lots of org and HP to the division. Heavy 2s with upgraded armor give 40+ armor to each division with just one tank battalion so they block most casual piercing.

Going over different templates and how they stack up against well-planned defenses. What combat width should you go, how much artillery. Do you need amtracks.

What are they? This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast 90 35 comments TheBlackFlame161 • 6 yr. ago Basically you compose a division of 12 battalions of marines and 6 battalions of artillery with 1 battalion of tank destroyers. The marines allow for great mobility across rivers and whatnot.

Ideal Marines template. Even though I have a ton of time spent on this game, I have very little idea of how marine templates should look. This is really because I never used them. I know marines are useful for naval invading, and I have a little experience so I realize their strength. However, I just never get around to making marines in my.

This design is used in so-called 'space marine' divisions. They are very cheap and their only function is to add armor to infantry divisions at a low cost. Very good in Single Player. Medium Tank (1940) Hearts of Iron 4 Tank Designs By Blood Alone. This design chooses not to stack the maximum amount of armor, to make it significantly cheaper.

Updated: 26 Apr 2023 6:01 am Top 5 best marine templates to take all the beaches and islands possible! BY: Jonathan L. In Hearts of Iron IV, naval invasions can be a key strategic move that could change the course of the war.

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