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Snickers are a great trail food. They’re easy to find if you’re in town doing a resupply and they stand up pretty well in a hot food bag. They also contain a good mix of sugar and nuts that will give you a quick boost and then last a while.

This weekend I came across a new Snickers Variant called Snickers Charged that adds 60 mg of caffeine to each bar. In comparison, an 8-ounce soft drink contains 20 to 40 milligrams of caffeine, an 8-ounce coffee contains 65-120 milligrams of the stimulant and an 8-ounce energy drink contains 72-80 milligrams of caffeine.

I tried one of these bar this evening before boarding a plane from Chicago to Boston. It tasted a little less nutty than a normal Snickers Bar and it turns out that the Charged version is about 0.2 oz lighter than a regular Snickers bar.

I expected to feel a little kick from the Caffeine, but ended up sleeping all the way from Chicago to Boston, missing the takeoff and only waking up about 10 minutes before landing. I never sleep on daytime flights, so I wonder if that says something about the effectiveness of the product or the fact that I was already exhausted.

Anyway, I picked up a couple of these bars for free at the EbayLive show I was attending this week and plan on taking them with me on my next section hike in Vermont as a late morning snack. I’m going to backpack without a stove again on that hike, so an alternate caffeine source might be nice.

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