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Marmot makes two styles of Precip Pants, the kind with full length side zips, and what they call a regular, classic, or old style which just has a zipper the runs up to mid-calf. I use the ones with the full length zips as a winter shell for snowshoeing and climbing, and I wear the regular Precips as 3 season rain pants.

Marmot Regular Precip Rain Pants

There’s nothing terribly special about these pants other than the fact that at $75/pair they’re a very good value if you’re looking for an entry level, breathable rain pant. The boot zip is not big enough to get over my leather hiking boot, but will probably work fine with a lighter boot or trail shoes so you can get them on quickly when it starts to rain. These Precips also come with zippered pockets, which is a nice feature, and a draw cord style waist belt.

If you are shopping for your first pair of rain pants, one thing that you should keep in mind is that rain pants don’t keep you dry. Their main purpose is to keep you warm by preventing evaporative cooling from making your legs cold. Unless you slow your pace way down, you will perspire when it is raining regardless of whether your clothes are breathable or not. This is the dirty little secret that most gear manufacturers don’t want you to figure out and means you can save a little money for other clothing articles or gear where price differences actually result in better performance.

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