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15m Start reading GASTLY42957 Ongoing This is just something I thought of. I'm using the character from my RWBY hands of time book. I don't own you I don't own date a live All Rights Reserved anime datealive kurumi malereader romance time timealter timecontrol Table of contents Last updated Mar 04, 2020 Bio Chapter 1 Chapter 2 (edit) Chapter 3 Rebirth1(Male OP Reader X Date A L. by Yes. 90.5K 1.2K 21. Y/N was happy with his life until he died due to an accident. He wakes up and sees a God who gives him a choice.. Hello! this story is about Kurumi Haraga x Male Reader, She is from the manga called "The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You.

[T/N] a lonely and unsociable guy who has gone through hell will one day meet a person who will change his life forever kurumixmalereader fanfiction xreader +6 more # 4 Kurumi X Female Reader {Date A Liv. by SlaughterBoii 2.8K 82 3 "You know, you really are kinky." A certain ravenette stated. not a threat (kurumi x male reader) Chapter 1: chp 1, a date a live/デート・ア・ライブ fanfic | FanFiction love story Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - OC, Kurumi T. - Chapters: 4 - Words: 5,939 - Reviews: - Favs: 16 - Follows: 17 - Published: Sep 8, 2019 - Status: Complete - id: 13383407 + - Next >

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Kurumi x Male Reader 9.3K 65 by XDEATH_21 a/n: Requested by AustenZank, Okay no introduction needed + *Kurumi's POV* +

Kurumi Tokisaki x Male Reader - Not a threat Here's the last part to Kurumi's insert!! Enjoy guys!!_ Yoshinon: Would you like me to operate? You: "You hear his voice, but you still have your eyes closed" Huh? Yoshino: Yes please, thank you doctor. You: "You open your eyes and see a rabbit in front of you" What the? Yoshinon: ALRIGHTY THEN!!

Yandere Kurumi x Male Reader 13.1K 95 115 por gojira2003 Compartir A/N: requested by darklinkc4 (short lemon). Enjoy. + You were having one of your walks you usually have. You found a park bench to sit at. You sat there for a while until you saw a girl with black hair, pig tails wearing a school uniform. + + ???: hello. + (Y/N): oh hello. +

not a threat (kurumi x male reader) Chapter 2: chp 2, a date a live/デート・ア・ライブ fanfic | FanFiction There's a movie reference in here, see if you can find it_ You: "You take a bite of your lunch" Wha? You want ME to take Kurumi out on a date? Shido: Yeah. I was planning on taking her myself, but apparently something important came up out of the blue.

Kurumi X Male Reader Part 1 Add to Favourites Comment By dtrain132 Watch Published: Aug 16, 2015 Favourites Comments 23.1K Views You ran through the streets of the city as alarms rang and people screamed as they ran next to you. You hadn't heard that alarm in years but the meaning had never left you.

The Spirit and the Keyblade Persona User(Kurumi Tokisaki X Male Reader) Fanfiction. Note: Inspired by NierHitoshura's Heart of a Grimoire and The Spirit and the Nobody. Y/n the younger brother of Terra sets out on a journey as he encounters a Spirit named Kurumi, and takes her with him on his journey. Personas, Keyblades, and Spiri.

Kurumi x male reader fanfictions out there? I'm looking for fanfictions that involve kurumi from date a live x male reader, I like reading ones like this and was also thinking of writing my own and was wondering if any would be interested in reading it 0 0 0 comments Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment More posts you may like r/FanFiction

24 parts. Ongoing. Abused all your life by your adoptive parents you decided to end your pain.Next minuite you wake up. jessie x male child reader. 3 parts Ongoing. 3 parts. Ongoing. y/n is 4 years old and is sent to camp crystal lake by his parents due to them having a huge secret. You may also like.

Featured: Kurumi Tokisaki x Male Reader - Not a threat Pt.1 MrGaLcO 6 Deviations Featured: Presence (M!Reader x Kurumi) Part 1 dtrain132 5 Deviations Featured: Kurumi X Male Reader Part 1 Yuri-Milkshake-TM 5 Deviations Featured: Yoshino x MaleReader Psajchol 2 Deviations Featured: Emotional storm ( Yamai twins x M!SH!Reader ) InfinitySilver

Subscription DreamUp A literature Alternate you's? Kurumi X Male Reader Part 3 Add to Favourites Comment By dtrain132 Published: Sep 7, 2015 55 Favourites 11 Comments 8.3K Views There are many other worlds that we can't see. Each in a different dimension like our own except for one decision.

Kurumi x Male Reader Add to Favourites Comment By MetroFairy Watch Published: Nov 9, 2015 127 Favourites 13 Comments 28.8K Views I can't believe this day is finally here the day I can finally travel back in time. Several tests have been preformed and each have been successful.

6h 21m Start reading Relentlezz41 Complete First published Jun 22, 2016 Mature Yokai Academy a school for monsters designed to help monsters blend into human society. Tsukune and the Newspaper Club are in year two. To bring everyone to speed the girls got the hint that Moka is destined to be Tsukune's girlfriend.

Kurumi Tokisaki x Male Reader - Not a threat Pt.1 Add to Favourites By YellowNinja123 Published: Apr 14, 2016 157 Favourites 8 Comments 32.6K Views Here is the first part to Kurumi's insert guys!! Enjoy^_^ __________________________________________________________________________________________

Published: Aug 27, 2015 63 Favourites 12 Comments 10.2K Views You laid in bed staring up at the ceiling. There were many things that could be said about the situation. Some might call the position that you were in lucky. Others would call it hellish. You personally had no clue what to call it.

Yandere cheater Kurumi X Male Reader 9.3K 83 109 by Invincible_Bot So in this one Kurumi is your girlfriend Enjoy 3rd person Pov Y/N was going to their house to spend time with her he went there and opened the door and was met with a wave of Moan and clapping

The male asked looking at me. Stupid nosy butler he's always asking me questions about almost everything. Kurumi X Male Reader Part 1 Add to Favourites Comment By dtrain132 Watch Published: Aug 16, 2015 Favourites Comments 23.1K Views You ran through the streets of the city as alarms rang and people screamed as they ran next to you. You hadn't.

Date A Live X Male Reader (Date A. by Diamond Hunt. 67.8K 1.8K 20..Kurumi Tokisaki x Shy Male Reader by Murusama. 6.7K 80 2. I haven't watched this show fully but I've seen clips of it. Kurumi's habit of teasing Shido kinda brought this oneshot idea to my head. datealive; malereader; Kurumi Ebisuzawa X Male readerby Hahn Wright 612213 (Y/N) (L/N) a 3rd year student of Megurigaoka Private High.

Kurumi tokisaki x male reader fanfictions I'm trying to find some good fanfictions and was wondering if anyone had some they recommend, i'm also thinking of writing a fanfiction of this if any are interested in reading 15 10 comments Top Add a Comment MaRokyGalaxy Rinne and Mio Simp • 2 yr. ago

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