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For Jacob Black can you do a story where after the two meet and he imprints he starts following her around like a lost puppy completely obsessed and she's just completely confused and weirded out until he starts growing on her? Female reader if possible, thanks! I did put some book cannon information in this fic. Jacob Black x Woman Reader Jacob finally meets his imprint and he wants to spend all his time with her. Bella and Edward are together but she still has feelings for Jaco. xreader womanreader femreader +10 more # 10 Twilight Smut Oneshots X Reader by kay 4.9K 36 1 I update frequently and take requests! Warning, these stories so contain smut Enjoy!

Created: 12/19/20 Last Updated: 01/02/21 Bump in the Night - Moving back to forks, the reader uncovers secrets about the town and the people living in it that she never knew.. Choices - Bella comes between Jacob and his imprint once again.ANGST ———————————————— Kissed the Teacher - The reader is a Teacher and Jacob's Imprint. Jacob licks his lips, staring intently at the girl with so much hope in his eyes. "You do realize I have a kid, right?" She points out the obvious making Jacob roll his eyes and click his tongue. "Doesn't change my affection for you. Just extends it. I'll love her like my own. She's got your DNA and I'll love her for it. Just like I love her mom."

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That being said, I still miss him like crazy when he's on patrol. + Who is my man? His name is Jacob Black, and he is a werewolf. Though I am a mere human in comparison to him, I loved Jacob with my whole heart and still do. Nothing was going to change that for me, I was making sure of it.

Jacob's lip was tugged between his teeth as to hide his smile. His eyes obviously found yours through the lightly tinted window. You broke away from his gaze to turn to Bella. "Thanks for the ride," you said, unbuckling your seatbelt. "Well, somebody has to drive you places till you get your car repaired.".

Two can play at that game. I found Edward leaning against a wall flipping through the pages of an art magazine. "Hi.". I chanted while walking over to him. Edward set the magazine down on a bone colored minimalistic table before folding his arms smiling nervously. "Hello.".

Even when you ran away it was in her shadow. You sat on the floor of your motel room, and you threw your phone to the other side of the room. There was a knock on the door, and it almost made you scream. Crawling along the floor, you peaked through the window. Jacob was standing there, listening against the door.

I growled at jacob as he was ready knowing that i he was real of not. I kept growling and stuggling. After 3 minutes i knew Jacob was going to stay with me when i am pregant and vurnable. He asumed position again and he came down he went in me. I howled meaning i was mating and enjoying it.

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The hot, slippery flesh of Jacob's arousal pushes against his thigh. He bites back a grunt of pain when Jacob decides he's ready and pulls his fingers out. A strong set of jaws locks onto his shoulder, keeping him still. Edward really hopes the display they make isn't as humiliating as it feels.

I heaved heavily as I swam to the beach. Body crushing against the ocean. Something was screaming at me in the back of my head to look at the cliff from where I jumped. Keep reading. leah clearwater embry x you embry x reader embry call embry call imagine twilight imagine leah clearwater x reader leah clearwater imagine.

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firstperson. murdererxreader. +16 more. # 4. Imprinted (Lee Felix X Reader) by MissDevoured. 208K 6.5K 27. You meet a guy and his friends at the bar one night. You become friends but one of them seems extra protective over you. Eventually you find out some secrets that you we.

Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Prologue) Y/E/C = your eye color, Y/H/C = your hair color, Y/N/N = your nickname. Summary: Jacob Black, alpha of his pack, would never fall in love with a bloodsucker, much less imprint on one. The problem is that Y/N Swan was human…until she wasn't anymore. The Quileute tribe's leader sits in front of the bond.

[ J A C O B B L A C K x ♀ ! R E A D E R ] (Your name), twenty-years-old, comes to visit her little sister when she found out that she had gotten married at the age of eighteen. To find out that she had changed. Would she accept or deny her family? Based after the first Breaking Dawn book | Cover.

Now Jacob - he knows how to hang. He's just a regular, chill dude. Jake doesn't care what we think of him, and it's refreshing. And he made Edward loosen up, which was a big plus. Besides, he could keep up with our speed and strength - that was very convenient. Jacob didn't have to be turned into a vampire in order to stay with us forever.

The Imprint (Jacob Black x Male OC) 7 pages February 4, 2017 violetbeatricebaudelaire . Twilight Series | Mike Newton Jacob Black. Fanfiction Romance Vampires Gay Transgender Jasper Cullen Emmett Cullen X Reader. Bella's childhood friend comes to visit her in forks for the summer, and in an unexpected turn of events, he falls in love with a.

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