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To play Chandelier, once everything is set up, one player should nominate themselves to go first. They will then take a Ping Pong ball and try to bounce their ball into a cup. If they bounce the ball into their cup, they will need to drink from it and then refill it. How to set up Chandelier Drinking Game? Every player gets one plastic cup and a ping pong ball. If you're a big group, you can also share balls. Then set up the cups. Place the "death cup" (just a regular plastic cup) in the middle of the table and fill it up to the top with beer.

Set Up The Game To play chandelier, have every player fill up their red solo cup with their drink of choice. Players should fill the cups to the first bottom line at least, similar to a game of flip cup. Next, have all the players arrange their red solo cups in a circle on the table. How to Play First, players will all fill their cups with an equal amount of drink. Well, not fill. The cups should be about halfway full of alcohol, about as much as you'd use for beer pong or flip cup. To ensure fair play, check that no one cheats by pouring less drink in their cup.

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Sports By Occasion Blog CHANDELIER OBJECTIVE OF CHANDELIER: Bounce ping pong balls into other players' cups. If a ball lands in the middle cup, drink your drink and flip the cup faster than the other players NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4-10 players CONTENTS: 2 ping pong balls, 1 cup per person, 1 cup for the middle, 1 bowl, and at least 1-2 beers per player

How to Play "CHANDELIER" by the Game Doctor (Drinking Game) Game Doctor 5.21K subscribers Subscribe 273K views 8 years ago Chandelier is a drinking game that can easily be turned.

How to Play the Chandelier Drinking Game - Summary Put one cup for each player in a circle around a middle cup. Put a little bit of beer in each player's cup and fill the middle cup with beer+ (see variations). Each player takes turns trying to bounce the ball into the middle cup or other people's cups.

Take one solo cup per player and place it in front of that player, forming a circle around a center cup. The more people playing the Chandelier drinking game, the better. To start, fill a small amount of your preferred beverage into each player's cup. Then, pour one standard drinks worth of liquid into the center cup.

In order to play the Chandelier drinking game, you will need the following tools and materials: a set of cups, a set of saucers, a bottle of wine, and some party supplies. To begin the game, fill each cup with half-full of wine. Then place the cups in a circle on the table. Each player takes turns taking a sip from their cup and then passing it.

Setup. 1. Fill the jar with beer, and place it on the table. 2. Fill all the glasses with beer and place them around the jar in a circle. (This arrangement looks like a chandelier, hence the name.) 3. Stand around the table. Each player should stand behind his glass.

Chandelier Drinking Game. Place one full cup of beer in the center of a table. Each player has a seat around the table and has a plastic cup of beer placed at the edge of the table in front of them. There should be a circle of cups around the table. To play, each person tries to bounce the ball into someone else's cup. If they make the shot.

Setting the game up & the gameplay; Extra rules; Windup; The Objective & Required Supplies To Play Now, there are two main objectives when it comes to the Chandelier drinking game. The first one is to bounce the ball into the center cup, and the other one, related to the latter, is to survive and not be the player who drinks the liquor of that cup.

Along with that, make sure they have a red solo cup in front of them to play chandelier drinking game. Rules: Everyone must have their own up, along with that; they have to have the same amount of beer in the cup, just like in beer pong or flip cup. Feel free to keep playing Chandelier drinking game until you are just too wasted to play.

Alcohol Ping Pong Balls Table (round works best) Setup Fill up an even amount of alcohol in each players cup and put them in the middle of the table in a circle. (Remember which cup belongs to each player). Fill the additional cup with beer and put it in the middle of the circle, slightly elevated.

Beer Pong The game is played with two teams. Each team has six cups arranged in a triangle on their side of the table. The object of the game is to throw the ping pong ball into the other team's cups, and if the ball goes into the cup, the contents of that cup must be consumed by the opposing team. Flip Cup

As a drinking game, it's a great way to start since people are almost guaranteed to have to drink although since there is no real "winner" the game loses its luster the longer it goes on. Nevertheless, it's still a fun game. Keep on reading to learn how to play Chandelier! You will need: 1 shot glass; 1 ping pong ball; a cup for every.

To play the chandelier, fill each player's red solo cup with their preferred beverage. Similar to a game of flip cups, players should fill the cups to the first bottom line at least. The next step is for each player to circle their red solo cups on the table. The next step is to place an empty red Solo cup face-down in the middle of the table.

One of our favorite events, the CHANDELIER TOURNAMENT. It is usually a drinking game but we turned it into a game for money. For the official rules, be sure.

Chandeliers Grab a pint glass, fill it with beer and place it at the center of a table. Then, place as many smaller glasses as there are players around the pint glass, and fill them with beer..

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