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Heizou x male reader. Wandering about Inazuma aiding those who were practically begging for aid with the most mundane tasks.. It was tiring after a while. Though some days were more rough then others with complaints about bandits and whatever else was plaguing the area at the time. Today was one of those days everything was just sore.. Mafia - Heizou x Female Reader by Alaina 15 2 1 Detective Heizou has noticed something a little odd about the government's behavior recently. A lot of kids have gone missing after being sent to the government, and he'. genshinimpact government femalereader +7 more # 14 | Isekai'd | Heizou x Reader | by haz3mn 481 24 5

Heizou, also a brilliant detective, who just so happens to be paired on a case with you. Completed genshinimpact inazuma shikanoinheizou +7 more #6 (Heizou x f! Reader) A Fate to MysteriousLegends 439126 Your in jail and Heizou is your detective. But the situation is bigger then he thought it was. Ayato, Venti, KAEYA, Heizou In any other situation, they'd kiss you on the spot. Though, this time, they'd pause and decide to make you work for it. If you wanted a kiss, then you'd better earn it. Show them how patient and good you could be. They're going to kiss you everywhere except for your lips, the place where you wanted it to be.

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⚘ pairing: heizou x gn!reader ⚘ genre: fluff, modern!au ⚘ warnings: pet names, a brief (loving) threat of murder, use of heizou's full name (because i love it) ⚘ summary: your bratty boyfriend won't stop cuddling you in the blistering heat, and desperate times call for desperate measures. summer was never your favorite season.

x-male-reader-fics. X Male Reader. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for.. word count. 3k. characters included. kazuha, scaramouche, heizou, diluc, kaeya. ୨୧ — ꒰ cw. yandere, unhealthy relationships, possessive & obsessive thoughts/behaviors, religous + cult themes, sagau + cult au, etc. g/n reader. i do.

Heizou is that guy that flirts with every girl in his grade until their boyfriends tell him to back off everyone thought he was dumb at first when he first transferred until he managed to solve tons of problems, bust myths about the school and showed that he's on a whole other level

× Heizou - he's a detective boyfriend, when you get sneaky he'll investigate right away. he loves solving crimes with you. sometimes he's too good at solving crimes. that when he ends up with you on the suspect for taking his favorite food he's taking revenge. or maybe when you steal his jackets, but well your reasoning was he doesn't often use …

This test includes 21 male genshin characters (playable and not playable) up to version 2.8. At least one of them might be into you. ;) Let's see who it can be! which genshin impact character are you (Male Version) 6 months ago ThePhenomenalTheo Anime & Manga Fantasy & Mythology Genshin Impact Kaeya Zhongli Venti Diluc Bennett.

Soft Heizou is a joy to experience every time he gets home even if he's filled with exhaustion or just his normal self. Even though he's busy with work and everything, he always finds ways to give his time to you. He makes 5 minutes feel like 5 years worth of joy and he loves that he can make you happy. Handsy, this man is.

Browse through and take shikanoin heizou x reader quizzes . Sign up Log in.. This is a genshin impact personality quiz, to see which male character you are! I will be making a female version in the future also a overall genshin impact quiz but for now lets get on with the quiz!

Heizou x male reader by Ezikaiah, literature. H. Heizou x male reader. Warnings?: pet names, fluff, ooc heizou probably Wandering about Inazuma aiding those who were practically begging for aid with the most mundane tasks.. It was tiring after a while. Though some days were more rough then others with complaints about bandits and whatever else.

bookstore boy ♡ kazuha & heizou x gn!reader ; attractive things they do ♡ cyno, tighnari & alhaitham x gn!reader; silver & gold ♡ shikanoin heizou x gn!reader; usertsubaki 2022— please don't repost, claim or translate.

you roll your eyes and huff, looking the other way as you sip at the chipped cup. uesugi awkwardly chuckles and leaves. "i don't need another hundred told-you-sos from you," you grumble. "'you're too gullible,' 'you're too naive,' 'you're too helpless,' i've heard them all before, okay?! just… ugh. leave me be.".

Shikanoin Heizou [Note 1] ( Japanese: 鹿 しか 野 の 院 いん 平 へい 蔵 ぞう Shikanoin Heizou) is a playable Anemo character in Genshin Impact . He is the number one Tenryou Commission detective, harboring a rivalry with the Bantan Sango Detective Agency 's Sango . Contents 1 Gameplay Info 1.1 Ascensions and Stats 1.2 Talents 1.2.1 Talent Upgrade

Heizou X Reader - To discover the image more plainly in this article, you are able to click on the preferred image to look at the photo in its original sizing or in full. A person can also see the Heizou X Reader image gallery that we all get prepared to locate the image you are interested in.

Shikanoin Heizou Reader One Shot No Smut reader is an absolute fanboy male reader - Freeform Reader is Not Traveler (Genshin Impact) This is kinda bad kind of Flirty Shikanoin Heizou Heizou is showing the reader around the Tenyrou commission. That's it. shikanoinheizouxreader shinobu ayato +12 more # 3 for you.. the world | heizou x gn. by crumb 118K 2.9K 35 y/n l/n, one of the watatsumi.

Heizou x Listener | Risky Fun With Heizou and Making Him Flustered Patreon: Twitch: Twitter: https://t.

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Heizou X Male Reader - The pictures related to be able to Heizou X Male Reader in the following paragraphs, hopefully they will can be useful and will increase your knowledge. Appreciate you for making the effort to be able to visit our website and even read our articles. Cya ~.

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