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Recommended winter day hiking gear list

When gearing up for winter day hiking you want footwear, clothing, and traction aids that can be used across a fairly wide range of temperatures, wind speeds, sun, precipitation types, and surface conditions. For example, typical winter weather includes: Temperatures: from 40 …

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Lightweight Backpack Hunting Gear Lis

Similar to recreational backpackers, hunters should have a healthy respect for nature and wildlife. However, the preparation and gear used for both activities are notably different. Backpack hunting requires more gear, additional hunter specific skills, and an increased willingness or tenacity to …

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Winter backpacking on a budget

Winter backpacking and mountaineering are great sports. But the cost of winter gear is very expensive, upward of $2000 or more. In my experience, it’s best to acquire winter backpacking gear over a period of 2-3 years, so you can spread out …

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Autumn backpacking gear List explained

The first half of autumn, from mid-September through October, is the best time to go hiking and backpacking in the White Mountain National Forest which spans central New Hampshire and Western Maine. The temperatures are cooler, the bugs are gone, and the …

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Presidential Range Day Hiking Gear List

You need to be on your best game when you venture above treeline in the Presidential Range on Mt Washington and the higher peaks. Whether you’re hiking a Presidential Traverse or just climbing White Mountain 4000 footers, it pays to pack a …

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Scotland Coast-to-Coast Gear List

I’d planned to backpack coast-to-coast for the third time this May (in the annual TGO Challenge) along a 185 mile route that requires a significant amount of off-trail, cross-country travel. That was before the Covid19 pandemic made travel to the UK ill-advised …

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Packrafting Gear List Explained

When the snow starts to melt on the high plateaus above the canyon country of Utah, intermittent rivers start to flow, and I start refreshing the USGS site every few hours looking for an upward trend that means it’s time to go …

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A Women’s PCT Gear List Explained

The PCT Continued… In the spring of 2019, I set out to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) solo from Mexico to Canada. It was a very big snow year for Northern California and the Sierra Nevada with a lot of snow …

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Winter Backpacking Gear List Explained

Winter backpacking is very different from three-season backpacking. It requires more gear, good decision-making, and many new skills. It’s almost like backpacking on a different planet because so many things you take for granted during the rest of the year are different. …

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SectionHiker’s Gear Closet: Tents, Hammocks and Tarps

I have a small list of tents, hammocks, and tarps in my personal gear closet that I love using and consider best-of-class for my needs. While all of the shelters I like are pretty lightweight, I’m not as obsessed about gear weight …

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Gear Closet Stoves and Pots

Here are the backpacking stoves, cooking pots, and “kitchen” accessories, including bear bags and bear canisters, that I use year-round on a regular basis. Many of these items are old friends that have withstood the test of time and I’ve been using …

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SectionHiker’s Gear Closet: Backpacks

I have a collection of backpacks that I use for day hiking, backpacking, bushwhacking, winter peak bagging, and fly fishing. Some of them are general-purpose and some are more specialized for the kinds of activities that I enjoy when I’m out of …

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I carry a 6-ounce personal first aid kit when I go day hiking and backpacking. It contains more bandages and medications than I might need on a trip so I only have to replenish it periodically. It’s also closely “aligned” to the …

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Cape Wrath Trail Gear List Critique

I like to keep track of what gear worked and what didn’t on my backpacking trips for future reference. If you’d like to see the complete list of gear I brought for this, the southern half (140 miles) of the Cape Wrath …

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