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Engagement online is the bread and butter of the internet world. While one tends to focus on pushing out content or creating the best product, one of the more overlooked metrics is search engine ranking. That’s part of the niche analytics side of online business and blogs that most of us tend to sweep under the rug. Unfortunately, for the less tech-savvy and the singular focused, search engine ranking is one of the most important metrics you could look at.

Having a grasp of where you are can benefit your business, website, and everything else you do online. If you have any doubt as to why you should be closely monitoring your search engine rankings, here are four reasons to convince you.

Know where you stand

Monitoring your search engine rankings lets you know how visible you are. It lets you know how many people are seeing what you’re making or posting. It’s a big, big internet out there. There are trillions of websites and immeasurably sets of data that all surround the very thing you’re trying to push. Why should you get engagement and not them?

Where do you rank in terms of people visiting your website compared to the relative average amount of traffic? According to SEO Crawler, one of the leading platforms in this space, all these questions can be answered simply by monitoring. That way, you’re not just shooting in the dark with your website. You know where you stand.

Grow from there

Knowing where you stand is one thing, what are you going to do about it? Monitoring your search engine rankings gives you footing on where to start. You can’t move forward and expect to advance and move up the ranks without knowing where you are. More likely than not, you’re somewhere in the unsearchable ether, still locked into obscurity because of a lack of basal ranking recognition. Once you know where you stand, you can catapult sky-ward to the ranks you know you deserve to be at.

People search almost exclusively

Simply put, people don’t go directly to websites. They search. Nobody is spelling out the website flat-out. They’re going to search a set of keywords and hope they arrive at your site. If your SEO is good enough, they will. If not, they’ll end up with one of the larger competitors in your field. That can all be controlled by optimization. If you’re not optimizing your search visibility, you’re getting beaten out by the rest. Trust us, they’re massively into SEO.

Personalise and localise

When you monitor your rankings, you can personalize and localize your search. You can jump to the top of page one in Dubai if your website is garnering traffic. You can position yourself in Singapore if you’re musing on global finance. Some places serve as captive markets for you to tap. All you have to do is to monitor.

Search engine optimization and monitoring is just a means of getting your name and your website to the masses. It’s internet marketing without the Supreme hoodies and wild antics. It’s data-driven and constantly changing. It’s how you get ahead. Everyone wants that. Don’t you?

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