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The Last (TFP x reader Fanfic) by Just_Another_IDK 6.7K 305 16 You are far from human. You're not a mutant, super-human, or anything that constitutes being extraordinary. You're not even from Earth No, you are not a cybertronian Wh. energon bumblebee transformers +22 more # 3 Predacon Logic (TFP Shockwave x Me. by Skylark 12K 532 14 Browse 21 stories featuring Tfpxreader characters, characters and stories related to Transformers and Cybertron. Find stories about love, romance, fantasy, and more from different genres and perspectives.

Transformersxreader Stories Refine by tag: transformersxreader transformers transformersprime tfp bumblebee xreader optimus ratchet autobots optimusprime megatron decepticons knockout tfpxreader reader starscream prime bayverse megatronxreader arcee 98 Stories Sort by: Hot # 1 A Mechanical Love by Ecat40 21.4K 664 18 [TFP Optimus Prime x Reader] You seem to have it all. That's what many others believe. Your looks, your talents, your social, career and personal life seem to have stabi. arcee drama love +22 more # 2 𝓐 .𝐄𝐎𝓝 𝐈𝐀𝐍 ⦂ O.PRIME by ꑘ 𐚱 ꑘ 5.8K 279 11

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(TFP Megatron x Decepticon Reader) Basically a story set in Transformers Prime where the reader meets Megatron after being in stasis for thousands of years! Except that once you meet the Decepticon leader you catch a case of the feelings.and so does he. Cruel Lover (Tfp Knockout x reader) 13 pages 9 weeks ago Indie The Teacup Has Writer's Block

#tfp x reader on Tumblr Top botboots Follow wolfhead10313 asked: Hey! I'm probably SOOO late to transformers fanfics and one shots but I've come with this prompt, ( I hope you like it enough to write it!) could you write Ratchet x injured reader, g/n or female. Injured shoulder, and maybe trying to hide it from him? Also in Tfp?

Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Transformers - All Media Types, Transformers: Prime Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Optimus Prime/Reader, Optimus Prime/You Characters: Optimus Prime, Reader, You Additional Tags: Very very slightly nsfw, You sit in the space between Optimus' legs but nothing actually happens, take that as you will, Size Difference, G/T.

Optimus Prime x Reader *Requests Open* Olivia200312. Chapter 3: The Surprise~ TFP! Optimus x Human! Reader (Lemon) Summary: Plot: Optimus told Y/N through the letter that he had a surprise for her at the cliff in the forest. He confesses his love feelings and later they do "it" in his truck ;)

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ultramagnusxreader +19 more # 3 My Little Slice of Clear Sky by Smutlord 36.5K 1.5K 25 Tfp! Starscream X Seeker! reader My dear slice of clear sky, You always bring me there And to you I'd dare not lie But broken paths I ally, I had lost you somewhere. starscream tfp xreader +12 more # 4 Transformers: Toys in Disguise (Tr. by 🌸 Honey_Blossom 🌸

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A story about a pilot!reader who becomes unwillingly embroiled in a conspiracy with MECH, the United States Government, and a few choice Cybertronians. But reader becomes friends with Starscream so shenanigans ensue. Chapter 5 has been beta'd by Nemysiss. Chapter 6 onwards has been beta'd by 4LOM.

Tfp high school x reader 10.6K 215 5 In this one-shots you will be with transformers prime characters as a highschool boy or girl! . Transformers X Reader // Highschool Scenarios 33.9K 663 14 Do you like scenario books? What about in highschool? And Transformers? Here, you'll fall in love with a variety of Autobots and Decepticons.

After the end of the war, Orion Pax wanders the galaxy as a free mech searching for inner peace. His lonely wanderings are quickly interrupted by Megatron, hot on his heels even after years of peace. Both are caught in a crash landing on a rainy, waterlogged planet with no comms, few resources, and no chance of rescue.

An involuntary shiver rattled through you as Megatron bent down to your level, blood-red optics boring caustic holes into your very soul. Reflexively, you scrabbled to put as much distance between yourself and the bot who seemed hellbent on murdering you with his eyes. His derma curled up in a sneer as he snorted out a half-formed laugh.

Published: Jan 29, 2017 51 Favourites 7 Comments 10.2K Views So two people requested a TFP Ratchet x Reader story so I decided to put the to story's together, I hope you enjoy it. Thank you ryekerb and Leonarda Hamato for requesting a story, I hope you like it. Enjoy. Optimus POV Miko:" Ohh Jack you got a girlfriend."

(TFP Megatron x Decepticon Reader) Basically a story set in Transformers Prime where the reader meets Megatron after being in stasis for thousands of years! Except that once you meet the Decepticon leader you catch a case of the feelings.and so does he. Show more featured Cruel Lover (Tfp Knockout x reader) (DISCONTINUED FOR NOW SHUT UP)

Valve Fingering (Transformers) Love. (Y/D) is a trans Cybertronian. The former femme has been dreading the required medical exam. Seeing Knockout results in learning about Breakdown and Knockout finding out (Y/D)'s secret. Part 227 of Transformers one-shots.

TFP X Reader (Y/N) lived a normal life with their parents. Well as far as they could tell. But one day and a couple mistakes later change everything. They're now a senior and dealing with everything that's happened in their life. Will moving and meeting some new robots change their life for. Cant stop looking at you

Transformers prime x reader 25 pages December 21, 2019 PlagueDoctorTea Reader | Fanfiction Short Stories Human Megatron Megatron Reader Transformers A book of oneshots based on Transformers Prime, we do hope that you enjoy, we're always open for ideas. Seeker scenarios x human reader 8 pages 10 months ago Vee

Action Adventure Fanfiction X Reader Transformers X Reader Tfp X Reader 184 Discussion 4 | Reader Starscream | Adventure Fanfiction Fantasy Tfp Knockout Soundwave Shockwave Breakdown Megatron 135 Transformers: Prime | Optimus Prime Arcee Cliffjumper Bumblebee Ratchet Bulkhead Starscream. Fanfiction Fantasy

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